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Astronomy student and amateur photographer located in Chile for the time.
Come and see the world through my eyes!

About me

About me!

I'm José Vines, an astronomy student, hobby photographer and a computer science enthusiast!
Ever since I can remember I have been amazed by the stars and space and have always wanted to study and learn from them, and now I'm living my dream, studying astronomy, but even though I am living the dream, studying what I've always wanted, it wasn't enough for me, so I got into the only art form I'm capable of doing: Photography.
It began as an attempt to do astrophotography, but since I don't have any equipment to do so, I decided to do regular photography! So I began taking shots of landscapes and cityscapes whenever I travelled, and then I began taking pictures of smaller stuff like flowers and such, going into bokeh and macro and I quickly realized how each photograph is a story to tell, a story that didn't exist until I took the photo. And so began my storytelling journey which I want to share with the world, the vision of the world through my own eyes.

My Blog!

My Resume

Work Experience

  • Teaching assistant

    I've been a teaching assistant (TA) for a plethora of courses in my university and outside it: from Introduction to Programming to a Data Visualization Lab in a Data Visualization graduate program in Universidad Catolica.

  • Python Programmer

    Most of my work, either for courses in my university or for individual projects I have been a part of, involve programming, which I have done mostly on the Python Language.

  • Astronomy

    I have been involved in two astronomy projects in my undergraduate career. One of them consisted in analizing radial velocity data for a sample of stars finding sub-stellar companions (i.e. Exoplanets or Binary Star systems) by fitting a Keplerian orbital model to the data. The other project I have been involved with consists of doing deblended photometry on Spitzer-IRAC images to find faint sources in Hubble Space Telescope's images of the same field.


  • Universidad de Chile - Chile

    I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and planning on to moving to a PhD program in the same university next year studying exoplanets.

  • Colegio San Pedro Nolasco - Chile

    The high school I attended to.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Amateur Photographer
    2017-Till Death

    I got into photography wanting to take awesome and astonishing astrophotographs! But since I lack the equipment (and funds to buy them) I settled with normal photography haha. I really love breathtaking landscapes, cityscapes, experimenting with bokeh and macro photography, and I'm looking forward to experiment with minimalistic, architecture and portrait photography.
    I currently own a Sony α6000 camera and a Samsung Galaxy S8, because you don't always need a fancy camera to take great pictures ;)

  • Educational Robotics
    2011-Till Death

    Since high scool I've been interested in Educational Robotics, specifically the Lego Mindstorms robots, and since then I was involved in the First Lego League (FLL) competition until I turned 16. Afterwards when I began studying at my University I got the chance to participate in the FLL competition once again, but this time as a coach. Our major achievement since I joined was to be invited to the Open Invitational Championship in Bath - UK in 2017.

  • Science Divulgation (and data viz)
    2017-Till Death

    One of my duties as a (to-be) scientist is to be able to convey our results to not only our peers, but the general public. This is one of the main reasons for my interest in science divulgation and data visualization, and hence this site; a blog where I'll write about science, my work, data visualization and photography :)

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